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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2011 4:00am-4:30am EST

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to good to me to describe as a twenty year old man from want i'll be a rock for a lot of russia's most focuses republics mingles with a meeting crowd at an international area over the idea of the now which and then he blew himself up killing dozens of people and injuring almost two hundred others in an ugly a video message the same chechen terrorists warlords local not that that's not russia is in for a year of the lot in two years and that more terrorist attacks will follow in this country i what is remarkable is that the speed at which is believed to have been recorded shortly before this bombing out here russia's largest afterwards in that video so model was sitting next to a modern shrew it's hearsay resemble the various news side boma these twenty year old man well this chechen warlord is on the international at least most wanted list of terrorist since recently these might have claimed responsibility for the two thousand and nine twin suicide bombings on the moscow much o.
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system in march two thousand and one that some thirty nine people were killed he was also is believed to focus straight the two thousand and nine bombing of a train from moscow to something is very. well the reaction of the russian government hasn't yet followed but we expect that happens because coming to that so . did what could the reaction be from the authorities any clues as yet over this. whole multi at the speed does not comment on these videos posted on extremist websites but at the speech but has also had earlier reported information on the who they believed to have links to the suicide bombing and that they several people are on a wanted list there is a manhunt for them all the president had want it was beyond police to be very cautious when releasing any information as it's now. investigative committee is
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busy with the case and the case hasn't yet reached the court but at the moment behind me of russia's state duma the has all but russia's main it security agencies up at was be all the interior ministry and all the investigative committee are meeting with the russian deputies with the lawmakers to discuss what amount of months could have been named traduced to the existing law on terrorism in russia oh yeah on monday russia's president dmitry medvedev matched with the had of the interior ministry with top police officers and he harshly criticized the security lapses of public transport and he said that the world police working out b.s. wasn't that they were partly to be blamed but those are lapses on on security and that all that is equipment was in place but what was not in use. now we also know that russian lawmakers are now debating a new terror alert system similar to the one which exists in the united states of
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america this is the reach level terror alert system which classifies all risks on public transport as mine freestore critical and what is important this system i introduced would allow law enforcement agencies and police set out the speed to work together in case of a terror throughout. to keep us updated on this site for now thank you. the founder of wiki leaks would face a secret trial and a flagrant denial of his rights if he is the extra darted from the u.k. to sweden so says during the saunders defense team london court is hearing evidence on whether he should be handed over to stock over six carlotta geishas sars denies any wrongdoing and says the accusations are part of a conspiracy to punish him for running his whistle ban website. or emirates his phone. the case. this is the second day of
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a two day extradition hearing for today in our songs at the end of which swedish prosecutors will be hoping that they can extradite songs to sweden to face questioning a validations of rape molestation and unlawful coercion made by two swedish women back in august of last year and julian assange himself has always maintained that these allegations are politically motivated he says that there is a directly follow on from wiki leaks release of the us embassy cables which were deeply embarrassing to washington and say therefore the us will do anything to get its hands on him a black box has been applied to my life and on the outside of the black box has been written the word rape that book is now going to an open court process being open and i hope over the next day
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we will see that box is in fact. the arguments that the defense will be putting forward are focused around june songes human rights they say that his human your rights will be violated if he's extradited to sweden because sweden has in the past extradited people to egypt which is accused of torture they also say that if he goes to sweden there's a risk that the u.s. will seek either his extradition or they will try to apply illegal rendition to him to take him to the u.s. where he may be held in guantanamo bay or a similar detention facility and they also say that he is at risk of being subject to the death penalty if indeed he is extradited on words to america they're also fighting this on the grounds that he hasn't actually been charged with any crime the swedish prosecution wants to question him about these crimes but they haven't charged him yet and they say that the principle of extradition law is that
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suspicion of having committed a crime is not grounds for extradition you actually have to charge somebody now the swedish prosecutor's office says that. is protected from transfer eventually to the u.s. by strict e.u. rules they say that even if they do get him to go to sweden sweden can't then do what it likes with us are sweden has to ask the u.k. for permission to extradite him onward to the u.s. and they also maintain that political decisions are not involved in the legal process in sweden so any political pressure applied by washington on stockholm would not float in the lower courts in sweden however many say that sweden has an incredibly close friendship with the u.s. and said there would be a lot of political pressure to extradite him on words once he gets to stockholm you know what this is the last day of this particular hearing but we're not really expecting a decision to be made today the judge has already said that he may take several weeks to consider this decision and then will be able to appeal if the decision
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goes against him so we'll have to wait to see how it pans out later on this afternoon. meanwhile. dr brian palmer from uppsala university believes that it's a dream that soldiers say for the u.k. in sweden. i think quite right that it would be easier to get into the us from sweden then from britain the swedish government has has shown itself to be more pliant then the british surprisingly given the so-called special relationship of trust between britain and the usa and the swedish press has been and swedish public intellectuals have been less vocal in defending we can leaks than many people and many papers in britain so i think he's safe the the once very progressive sweden has become something of a voluntary. apprentice state some would say vassal state
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of the usa. but you can watch the full interview with dr brian palmer in twenty minutes time. well also ahead here naughty and not so neutral switzerland or done better than in any other european country pretty swiss i wonder if it's time to finally say that well towards. one specially farmed animals like rabbits making their contribution towards the treatment of diabetes and cancer. egypt's new cabinet is increasing pay and pensions for public sector workers in an attempt to quell two weeks of unrest are protesters are still refusing to back down until president hosni mubarak quits while the country's vice president who is leading talks to create a new government has been courted by the u.s. with washington considered a questionable mediator he's put to sleep reports. it's important to support
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the transition process announced by the egyptian government actually headed by now vice president. omar so i'm on hardly the words of a neutral burka and worse far removed from the people who had ministration kane's to be listening to you just don't have it just against him because he is just in government just that. people have already had three military leaders we want to know more military only civilian leaders now. heads up human rights organization that teaches each options about democracy he says he don't like solomon for the very reason americans do almost. part of the. we consider american people. didn't. want to.
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live mubarak who was. in power in the tarted last year by the u.k.'s telegraph is the most powerful spook in the region so a man is suave sophisticated and through internet but the former head of egypt's intelligence service worked for years as the cia's man in cairo. we. are among the solomon is accused of having been personally involved in torturing suspects this is the problem now in egypt is there's a struggle between not between mubarak and the people but because between the american cia covert operators of u.s. power around the world and the people are having to try to get mubarak replaced with somebody else it's hard to ignore the fact that the very abuses that drove
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hundreds of thousands of people into the streets had some assistance from the united states people have collected almost with pride these empty tear gas cylinders that have the words made in the usa written on them and so so much for regime change so a man was as much made in america as the dictator who appointed him and who is now being thrown out by the egyptian people wiki leaks cables show the u.s. administration was grooming him for years as far back as two thousand and seven it had already identified him as a possible successor to president mubarak. many of our contacts believe that solely because of his military background would the least have to figure in any succession scenario. as as old. and i don't think that he is willing to see all the time perhaps he would leave the transitional period and if it would be successful he would be very happy and so
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when obama goes on record and says he gyptian must choose for themselves it is not the world any other country to determine egypt's leaders only the egyptian people can do that people here lost because you secretary of state is admitting to something different but we have to do is to set a consistent message supporting the orderly transition that has the. urging. transparent is very concrete but many egyptians are afraid of and think he's more a dictator the mr mubarak which leaves the united states out in the cold when it has to explain why it's backing him policy r.t. kyra. despite its neutral and peaceful image switzerland has a strong military tradition it has europe's highest per capita rate of gun ownership and every male citizen on the fifty years old is a reserve soldier but many question why
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a country that hasn't been seriously involved in any military conflict for two hundred years should have a tall person also has more. training for combat preparing for war except these soldiers are from neutral switzerland and are unlikely to ever experience wartime combat. more and more the centuries old swiss militia is being child in february the longstanding tradition of keeping a government issued weapon at home as part of military obligations will be put to a vote on whether they should go on keeping their guns at home or store them in public arsenals but that's just one of the arguments local activists likely stuff by barry has been pushing for a complete abolition of the armed forces as normal cold war we totally surrounded by the european union which is militarily speaking totally friendly so we have no war in the me so the army has no reason to be no enemy just a tradition do you think that's what someone should have an army. for.
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certainly not a joke. make fun you know. just play a big war against but we don't. we don't need. a nine hundred eighty nine referendum on the issue revealed that more than a third of the swiss are in favor of dissolution a figure significant enough to pressure the government to take some action to rein in military activity the size of the army and its budget while still a substantial four point five billion dollars have been cut and the option of joining the civil service instead was introduced it's not enough there is a political clout which means that the parliament is made moves a lot of rich people. i mean people want to know me. because they feel insecure there's still about two hundred thousand army personnel with compulsory military service for swiss males and private gun ownership for all conscripts living up to
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a local saying switzerland does not have an army it is an army not a pleasant prospect for young draftees like adrian feller who just don't see the point. to shoot. this will more. or. in my opinion an army to get some kind of false security. well i saw two army can do. anything against the can't do anything to social problems and disorder so why should we are about five billion of swiss francs for something to help us solve the problems we have the arguments are there give the swiss with jordi still cannot imagine a nation without their men in uniform. who not only the political left supportable is still
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a minority in this country it's hard to convince the population because it's really a tradition that is deeply rooted in the swiss psyche of the last there's the rise of populism and demagoguery it worries me. many swiss feel that abolishing the armed forces is a kid to letting go of a tradition of losing that sense of security real or imagined so does a neutral country with no enemies really need an army while support for abolition is elusive the question has been asked and the debate is about to continue just are still here r.t. switzerland. or switzerland sammy may not have any adverse series but we have a story online about one man that swiss human rights activists would certainly like to bring to justice the former u.s. president george w. bush has called off his trip to switzerland due to concerns over protests against. up on this one on one side. and thirteen characters competing for the title of the sochi winter olympics mascot probably revealed more about them
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your favorite because head to our website at party dot com. the russian foreign ministry is looking into claims where a british newspaper reported he was denied entry into russia the guardian's moscow correspondent luke harding says he was held in a cell for forty five minutes off to iraq at the airport newspaper added that his passport was returned to him and after boarding a plane back to london the guardian says harding had a valid visa which was an old. brief look now at some other world headlines lawyers former leader of liberia charles taylor stormed out of his trial in the hague and he came out of a prosecutor's refused to accept a written summary of his defense case taylor stands accused of arming rebels in syria are going to exchange the so-called. trial has lasted more than three and a half years the verdict is expected later this year convicted table service
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sentence in the u.k. . britain's former labor government has come under fire off the report review they could to secure the bulk of the promise release a little less of a liberal he was the only person to vehicle experience of the eighty eight that killed two hundred seventy people he was sentenced to life in prison but returned to their theory in two thousand and nine passionate grounds. just released by the present government says the u.k.'s commercial interests in the country with the driving force behind. richard offices from the two koreas have sat down for talks only months of high tensions on the peninsula pyongyang and so broke contact late last year when the north responded tortellini finally hit it. barratry questioning a south korean island it's only talks which took place in the telling started in the troy so we need to hire a little dog between both countries defense ministers. firefighters
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battling to bushfires near perth australia as west coast now brought the flames under control the place is destroyed sixty homes and dozens more damaged missiles have to clear the situation so forget the warning residents to be vigilant. cities on the country's east coast continue to struggle flooding minister julia gillard was moved to tears want to do a tribute in parliament thirty five died in the floods. goats sheep and rabbits are making a contribution to modern medicine there are more scope. helping pharmaceutical companies produce drugs to treat diabetes and cancer it's a groundbreaking science known as transgenic finding its r.t. surface discover. just how do you milk rabbit more importantly why would you want. the genetically modified rivets produce
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a very reliable drug in the milk which is used in treating cancer yet a scientific research center on the outskirts of these animals are ageing scientists and cutting edge research welcome to the pioneering new world of farming pharmaceuticals this is where the alamo heads these ones ordinary rabbits but if we gave three into the next three and you got the transgenic or genetically modified ones these guys that are proving so vital in the discovery and development of new treatments for diseases. but it might sound strange the milk of transgenic animals has already been used to successfully treat patients and it's not just rabbits around the world traditional farming is now morphing into by a farming fantasy tool companies are now turning to other domestic animals in new ways to produce drugs it's a breakthrough in pharmaceutics no we want to get to the point where we can have
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cows and goats producing the same drug in their milk. at the moment this research center doesn't have the funding to produce more than a few of the genetically modified species but rabbits remain the main source of research regulation bodies in the e.u. and the us slowly starting to allow drugs produced by transgenic animals onto the market but it's slow progress russia especially a lack of guidelines and so on and regulation in this area mean it remains a controversial issue. we feel that playing with genes could be dangerous variables when people haven't fully studied all the erected to remake needs from cheap to resource provided by farming continues to grow these guys produce so you very well end up in your medicine cabinet there are things going. well shortly here not here we discuss so why would he leaks founder julian assange on would not
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face a fair trial in sweden first of all this is new so what's been happening with gold and silver we hear that prices for these precious metals are taken of them all that's right well carried john has been the worst start of the year for precious metals for two decades but i'll still say there's still reasons to be polish now union bank of switzerland says industrial demand for silver could be the strongest since the ninety's the bank also expects hedge funds to continue buying gold while the world's central banks were buoyant reserves for the third year in a row to mccutcheon from a vulcan gold who was a gold boy at the end of last year says he's still positive. the thing about gold this very hard to put your thumb on is that it's really not a commodity it's money it's basically a medium a transaction in a way of storing wealth in absolute terms to give you an idea the what's been happening in the past two months china's import over two hundred tons of gold so
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basically take the entire production of russia china is consumed in two months it's norma's figure it's all private individuals not mentioning you know national banks . so china's bringing in money in the course is a huge tradition and buyer of gold. basically for the first time in many many years central banks have been buyers of gold in two thousand and ten. so you know it's really all about the marginal buyer and it's right now what we have is gold production is more or less flat or declining it has been declining for the past fifteen years. and so it's really a question of how many people are willing to hold their savings in u.s. treasuries for example or another a fixed income instruments or they want to hold an absolute store of wealth and buy gold so it's really hard to put a price target on it but i can tell you that it's very unlikely it's going to go down more than go. take a look at the markets mixed on tuesday does make you finish point four percent higher with japanese companies switching from emerging to developed markets hong
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kong's hang seng traded lower as property developers and when i was selling pressure european stock markets opened lower on tuesday would still make also low mid four point four percent in the netherlands at the fourth quarter results also trading higher. up one point nine one a half percent respectively each reported results. and here in russia the markets are trading in the red this hour the r.t.s. is losing half. while the market just reading the percent lower energy majors are the biggest losers on both of this he's. adding to monday's stop losses as news of the suspension of a share buyback. graham continues to weigh up his stock meanwhile we are going down the energy sector or has suffered four consecutive days of losses. look oil are down over one percent both are down over one percent. all in all
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it's been a tough start to the week for russia's equity markets fears over inflation undermining sentiment monday financial corporation explains the fronts of most investors' minds now is inflation especially off the resource john reason for nation numbers coming out at the end of last week it's very difficult for the market to believe that inflation is not going to be a big problem this year for russian equities and at the high levels of inflation on one side going in parts at the margins of victory of russian miners russia still names. on the other side that the government's reaction to high levels of inflation is going to imply a stronger ruble which is going to impact the earnings of exports as well some banks saw the volume of household deposits grow by a third last year the total amount of all deposits of russian banks reached three hundred thirty four billion dollars the interest rates in some banks being lower
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the rate of inflation most questions still prefer to save money in the national currency. that's all i have for you this hour but other back with more and less than one hour from now also john. the big. news. all. the bad news is nature and discover it's busey in the.
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news the be and communicate with the wild and learn the. test yourself and become free. to. see what nature can give you the.
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here we go to a recap of the main headlines now russia's most wanted man daku road takes responsibility for the moscow airport bombing that killed thirty six people in a video address published on an extremist website to change the world says he said the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the middle of a crowd. the u.s. lends its support for egypt's vice president take the nation out of the crisis in an orderly manner but people fear president hosni mubarak let's see the country leaping out of the frying pan into the four. hundred in a soldier's noirs warned that wiki leaks founder would face
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a biased trial of flagrant justice if i didn't go to sweden and still kind of system his extradition for sex assault charges which assault denies. but for more on why sweden wants to solve so badly and his fate if he would be extradited we talked to dr brian palmer into politics from southern university that's next here now to. dr brian palmer social anthropologist who teaches that uppsala university thank you very much for sitting down with us today on r.t. it's a pleasure to be on your program three could have been in the spotlight quite a bit lately with the wiki leaks scandal and the spy and sex probes into doing a songe why does sweden want julian assange is to be extradited is it just for to be questioned rather for the sex crimes alleged against him. it's hard to say it's certainly.


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